Vertical and Horizontal Bone Regeneration (international course)

Vertical and Horizontal Bone Regeneration (international course)
27th - 29th October 2022 co sponsored by RegenerationSi and ZimVie
  • Chirurgia / Implantologia


2.900,00 € + IVA 22%


During this three-day course the main topic discussed will be Vertical and Horizontal Bone Regeneration. An indepth/detailed presentation will be shared with the attendees covering soft-tissue management aimed at avoiding the known consequences caused from early exposure of membranes. Management of the soft-tissue around the implants placed in regenerated bone will be the second interesting topic that will be discussed. In association with the theoretical part, several surgical treatments will be performed during the live surgeries, so that the theoretical and scientific concepts can be clinically applied. Some live surgeries may be substituted by videos if required by the course organization

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